We are a quality home renovation company that specializes in bringing back to life the classic older homes of Indianapolis, many of which are of the “four square” style of architecture. We enjoy restoring homes of character and quality that are no longer being built. If you are interested in buying one of our restored homes, have one in need of rescue that you’d like to sell us, or might be interested in investing in our projects, we’d love to hear from you. Meanwhile, scroll down and enjoy the “before and after” photos of our completed projects and be sure to follow the progress of those we are currently restoring


  • Meridian Kessler

  • Butler Tarkington

  • Mapleton Fall Creek

Why Choose Four Square?

Barbara and Dean are committed to doing top quality redevelopments and living up to their company motto “Adding Value to Your Neighborhood”.

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What Others Are Saying…

We work hard to create a good investment for our investors. Take a look at our testimonials below. 

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Making real estate loans thru private lending is an incredible way to build wealth in a way that most people aren’t aware exists. If you are interested, we’re ready to talk.

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Working with Four Square is a great way to leverage your investment dollars in real estate.  We have a proven track record of successful projects time and time again.



  • “Investing with Four Square  has been a wonderful decision for our business. Each transaction is handled with meticulous  professionalism. From the initial walk through to preparation for closing, and all details in between. Four Square is improving Indianapolis neighborhoods, and we’re thankful to be a partner.”

    GH / TH

    Indianapolis, IN.

  • “If you invest in real estate, you know there are risks and rewards.  It comes with the territory.  But there is one company that we have found to be less risk and more reward.  Four Square Real Estate is a respected company with a solid record of improving neighborhoods in Indianapolis through its quality rehabilitations of older homes.  We have invested in its projects without hesitation, and look forward to many more opportunities to grow this mutually beneficial – and rewarding – relationship.”


    Indianapolis, IN.

  • “ I have known Dean and Barb for over 5 years now. They are two of the most genuine people I have ever met. When I see Barb, I don’t get a handshake, I get a hug. She is such a sweet lady with a positive outlook towards everything. I met Dean and Barb when they initially began investing in Real Estate. The way that they take on their business and the projects that they choose, are unmatched. They found their niche and really have taken it upon themselves to personally turn around the local market that they love with their amazing renovations. The neighborhoods were good already, but when you get the Four Square name on it, it brings it up a notch. Their name is getting known around the area due to how they run their business and how they take pride in their work and in their neighborhood. I am so excited to see their before and after photos when they finish a project. The drastic changes are night and day. I can’t wait to see what their business looks like in 5 more years!”

    Jason Royer
    RAMS Investing